Work Life

CampBrain is not a startup. We're a private, profitable, well-run company. Our focus is on building for the long term, and we set our strategy and make our decisions through that lens. We value hard work and making an impact, and we care deeply about our product and service, but not at the expense of everyone's personal time and well-being.

  • We have 8000 square feet in the Studio City building at Sherbourne and Adelaide–an old brick-and-beam building built around 1890 that used to house the Heintzman & Company piano factory and the Victoria Tin Works. There are ancient wooden beams, exposed brick, hardwood floors with some quirky slopes, and lots of natural light. It’s a great space to work in.
  • It’s an 11-minute walk from the King St. subway station (6 minutes by streetcar), and a 20-minute walk from Union Station.
  • If you cycle to work, there is an elevator to bring your bike up and a safe space to store your bike inside.
  • Our Walk Score is 98, our transit score is 100, and our bike score is 97.
  • Everything you'd want is near the office: transit, independent coffee shops and big chains, restaurants, the St. Lawrence Market, and the Distillery District.
  • The office is dog-friendly.
  • Working from home is an option if it fits with your role and your work.

CampBrain’s Impact

Millions of people around the globe interact with our software. Our clients are camps, conference centers, schools, daycares, YMCAs, and sport clubs.

In 2019, the CampBrain database will see:

  • 1 million registered campers
  • 50,000 camp staff hired
  • 50,000 groups making a conference center booking

We have clients in 5 countries, 10 provinces, and 49 states (Wyoming, if you were wondering).

There are two big types of CampBrain users:

  • First are the people who run and administer camps and schools and conference centers. These users use CampBrain all day, every day. They are our clients. Providing them with stellar software and service is our mission.
  • Second are the parents registering their kids for camp. These are our clients' clients. Providing them with a pleasing, competent and reassuring online registration process is hugely important.

CampBrain Culture

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute… whether it's shaping our culture, determining the company strategy, or setting the product road map–the company will seek out your opinions and value your voice. We work hard to be conscious and deliberate about our company culture because you get the culture you ask for.


A few years ago we upended the way we were hiring. We started worrying less about teachable skills, and focused instead on seeking out people with these innate qualities:

  • Aptitude: You have the ability to learn new concepts and apply them to your work.
  • Accountability: You are trusted to get things done and you deliver exceptional solutions.
  • CampBrain Values: You have empathy. You care about our clients, your work and your coworkers - and feeling like that is a point of pride.

When your team is full of smart, funny, and kind people, it makes all the difference in your work life.

Bring Your Uniqueness

When you feel respected and warmly welcomed, you can thrive. We are working to create and cultivate a culture where inclusivity leads the way we work together, every day. Bring what makes you different; we embrace our uniqueness to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

With thoughtfulness, investment, and action, we are committed to reaching equality for all at CampBrain, and in our tech and camping communities. This is a long-term, lifetime commitment.


We do fun things together.

  • Family weekends at Camp: Every fall, the company sponsors a weekend at camp for our staff and their families. We do camp activities during the day, have campfires, then we stay up late and play boardgames like a bunch of nerds.
  • Potlucks and cookie exchanges.
  • Axe-throwing, archery-dodgeball, baseball games, go-carting.
  • Bowling night and poker night.
  • BRAINSTORM: Every October we host a conference for our users. We introduce new features and we eat and we run sessions on the software...but the real goal is to make relationships, get to know our clients and let them get to know us. It's a glorious event.
Camp Community

We believe in camp and what it does for children and the wider community. Getting more kids to camp, particularly those who cannot afford it, is a primary focus of our company's camp community engagement.

Canoe Heads for Kids: a portage and a paddle across Toronto's waterfront to raise money for Amici, a charity that sends kids to camp.

Kids in Camp: participating in runs, walks, fundraising events…KIC is another charity that sends kids to camp.

Camp Associations: volunteering on the Board of Directors, helping organize conferences, contributing to efforts to get more kids to camp.

Office and Community Well‑Being

Green Initiatives:
We’re getting serious about sharply reducing our waste and minimizing our carbon footprint. Our office space is “SUC-free” (Single-Use Cups), and we encourage taking our reusable containers out, if you’re picking up lunch in the neighbourhood.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging:
Building an environment which is welcoming to all and respectful of everyone matters a lot to us; we are learning how to be more deliberate and thoughtful in this area.

Our Teams

The Development Team

Millions of people interact with CampBrain, and hundreds of millions of dollars run through the software, so our development team has to be at the top of their game.

  • We're thoughtful about process and intentional about improving.
  • We believe that our engineers have valuable contributions to make at all stages of software design. We involve software engineers early, starting in feature discovery.
  • We have a culture of collaboration where it's okay to seek help from teammates.
The Operations Team

Our customer service is world class and this is a huge point of pride for us.

  • The Implementations Team is responsible for setting up clients, training, and acting as their personal advisors to make sure their first year is the best it can be.
  • Camps need us all year, and from April to August, the pace increases significantly. The Technical Support Team has made it their mission to make sure phone calls are answered by live people and problems are solved with creativity and thoughtfulness. This is not a call center.
  • When things go off the rails or a client has a special project, the Client Success team steps in and meets challenges head-on.
  • The Reporting Team creates pixel-perfect and insanely clever custom reports for our clients: invoices, statements, rosters, contracts, attendances lists, mailing labels, name tags...They are experts with SQL and retrieving and presenting data.

While the Technical Support Team is where most people start at CampBrain, it is common for people to move around and take on different roles and challenges across the operations team.

The Business
Development Team

The Business Development team is the face of CampBrain for potential clients. It's their job to ensure that CampBrain is a good fit for each client, and to identify when our software will not meet a client's needs. A client that only lasts one season is a disaster for everybody. A long, successful relationship - where CampBrain serves our clients year after year - is our primary goal and our proudest achievement.

  • BusDev designs and implements our marketing strategy.
  • They demo CampBrain to 500 potential clients each year.
  • They're on the road a lot. They represent the company at 30-35 camp conferences every year.
  • At 10 of those conferences, our team organizes and leads a panel session called "Admins Unite" where professional camp administrators share their best practices.
Personal Growth & Wellness

As CampBrain has grown and matured, so has our capacity to foster the personal and professional growth of our own people:

  • Everyone gets an annual personal “wellness allowance” that they can use for fitness or health, or for an intellectual pursuit like a college course or a cooking class. This allowance specifically includes books, resources, and learning opportunities on topics relating to anti-racism and inclusion.
  • Mental health matters; our Health Spending Account is supplemented by a subscription to Inkblot, a benefit providing professional and confidential virtual counselling. 
  • Our Personal Learning Plans provide a structure and funding to support your career vision and objectives, on your schedule; taking classes, attending workshops, mentoring & being mentored, opportunities to lead and present are a part of everyday Brainer life. 
  • The majority of our non-entry level positions are filled internally.
  • We have a Mentorship Program to help people get the skills and experience to make the jump to another role within the company.
  • We have a management mentorship program to develop our management skills. Sometimes this is fondly referred to as “Managers' Book Club”, but it's much more than that.
  • We have a CampBrain library of business, culture, innovation, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion books that have inspired fellow Brainers, available for you to borrow. 
  • We participate in the wider dev community. We’re active in Product Meetups, a UX book club, and the company supports our staff in attending conferences and tech events.

Current Openings