How Well Do You Know Steve?

Steve is the kind of person that brings in a big Santa suit for our holiday party (which Zee ultimately wore!), that creates a positive, fun environment for everyone around him, that is very sincere about wanting to ensure all our camps' needs are well covered. He is a camp guy.

The Art of Registering Multiple Campers

There is an art to registering multiple campers at one time. We have gone down various paths in the past on this one - check out our most recent iteration of the "right path".

Time to meet… Goran

Goran is a recent addition to our tech support team. Here is your opportunity to learn a little more about him.

Getting to know Mayuran

Mayuran is our online registration guru. If it can be done, he knows it. If it cannot, he figures out a way around that limitation. He also just happens to be a great person...

It is Time to Review your Camp’s Configuration

Before you launch into the next season's registration, take a moment to consider the way in which you have your sessions, oprtions and prices configured in your camp software.