Software development and use is a collection of small nuances that can make one's life much more pleasant ...and our Dev crew works hard to hit those nuances, reduce those clicks and make the experience a more pleasurable one for parents and camp staff. I am confident there is much enjoyment to be had from this new Discount feature.

New Challenges for our Brainers

It's a new season and time for CB staff to take on new challenges! Read more about the changes taking place at the Brain.

The Camp Administrator Hall of Fame

Let's recognize the fabulous contribution of our camp administrators who keep thousands of camps rolling along, year after year. What better way than to nominate yours for induction into the hall of fame...and perhaps win some prizes along the way.

20 Questions with Jason

Jason has been with the CB crew for a year now. He focused on online registration setups initially and then more generally in our support team. When we asked Jason where he would be if not here, he said teaching English somewhere. That is definitely true - Jason spent 9 years teaching English, mostly in South Korea. Working with Jason, you realize that he likes to be busy - "no downtime, let's just keep on rolling" appears to be his mantra! Not a bad person to work along side.

Brad hits 10

Brad hit his 10-yr milestone with CampBrain! While you may not have spoken to Brad in the past, you have most certainly been impacted by his work as a developer here.


I am saddened to announce that Zee is leaving CampBrain! After 10+ years with the team, I cannot even begin to explain the incredible contribution he made…to the software, to our camps, to our team and to our overall mission. 

20 Questions with Elijah

When we asked Elijah for the word that describes him best, he said "chill"....and we could not agree more! It's tough to get under his skin. Even in the busy days of online registration setups, Elijah has the same demeanour - relaxed and always ready to crack a joke. Not a bad guy to have on your team!

Online Photo Galleries

Online photo galleries have become a mainstay for many camps and there are several options to consider. Read about some of the options and, more importantly, let's discuss the factors you should consider in choosing one.

“Heartbleed” Security Vulnerability

You have likely heard about the “heartbleed” security vulnerability with OpenSSL. There is a good summary here. For our web servers, we use Microsoft IIS which is not impacted by this bug.