A Time to Remember our Values

It feels like now is a bad time to be silent. It feels like one of those moments where we may look back and wish we had gone with our gut. It feels like a good time to think about our principles, our values and ensure we are being true to them. As individuals and citizens, we have personal beliefs, we have a sense of right and wrong. We choose times to be vocal and active. As organizations, we develop core values and beliefs – we agree on principles and norms. Whether we actively establish them may be a question, but they organically develop over time with or without our help. There are times when organizations should also be vocal about their principles.

Camp Administrator Hall of Fame: Nominations Are Open!

Camp Administrator Hall of Fame logo

It is one of our favourite times of the year, when the nominations open for the Camp Admin Hall of Fame.  What is this Hall of Fame, you ask?  It is very near and dear to our hearts as it is a way to openly recognize the efforts of Camp Administrators.  Their work is often ‘behind the scenes’ but it is invaluable to the smooth operation of camp.  

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

With Christmas and New Years landing on the weekend this year, our support hours will remain pretty normal over the next several weeks (8:30am to 8:00pm EST).



Thanks to everyone who attended BRAINSTORM 2016! For us, this is a big event – everyone here loves the energy, the engagement, the enthusiasm and the simple act of putting a face to a voice! Everyone here gets involved in one way or another, from designing and delivering sessions to being a bus counselor for the trips to and from the restaurant on Thursday night (hey, we all have something we excel at :)).

The Conference Center…in Web

In 2001, we recognized the need for a strong module to track conference and retreat center bookings (i.e. group bookings) and we released our first version that year. Over the years, we honed our knowledge, added features and continued to build our strength in this area. If you are a long-time client, do you remember what our first calendar looked like in 2001? Not pretty! On September 14th, 2016, we will release our latest iteration of that module in our Web version.

Independent School Payments Survey

As we have all seen over the past few years, online or digital payments have grown significantly in the school and camp industries. Providing an online payment option creates a great registration and payment experience for parents.  Beyond the convenience to parents, it enables better tracking of payments across multiple programs.

The Second Inductee: Mary Beth Bradberry

It is with great pleasure that we announce the second inductee into the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame....Mary Beth Bradberry from Camp Trinity!

Camp Admins Unite - Round 2

Another conference season has come to a close! This was our second season organizing and facilitating "Camp Admins Unite" sessions.