Camp Admins Unite

We attend about 25 camp conferences each season. With the end of ACA Mid States, that concluded another season. We will be back on the road again in September! For the past conference season, we facilitated panel sessions at many conferences, called “Camp Admins Unite: We’re All in This Together”. 

The New Phone System

As most of you know, we have a new phone system here. You know because there is new, fancy hold music...and because we are stumbling to figure out how to transfer calls the new way. The transition has been remarkably smooth - turn the old one off one minute and turn the new one on the next minute. Ok, there may have been a few bumps but, all in all, pretty solid.

Next Week: Web Version 2015.4 and Webinar

We have a couple product-related items next week: Version 2015.4 of CampBrain Web comes out on Monday and we have our Ad Hoc Reporting webinar on Wednesday.

The First Inductee: John Bouwmeester

May we get a drum roll please? It is with great pleasure that we announce the first inductee into the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame....John Bouwmeester from YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps!

Who Will Be The First Inductee?

So, we will be announcing the first inductee into the Hall tomorrow. It is very exciting to see this initiative at this stage. It started as a thought last Spring, a back-of-the-envelope idea…it felt right and we went with it! We were really unsure about how it would all work out.

Parental Leave for Shilpa

Looking for Shilpa? She went on parental leave in early January, getting ready to be a first-time Mom! We are very excited for Shilpa as she starts this next phase in her life. Shilpa started with us in June 2008, celebrating her 6 yr anniversary with us this past season. As with most of our folks, Shilpa started in tech support and, as with most small companies, had her hand in just about everything. She eventually moved to a managerial role where she spent the last couple years, leading our tech support crew.

Holiday Hours

Working through the Holidays? Here's the scoop on our availability...


Alison is the type of person where everyone around her just feels good, simply because she is there. We have tried very hard but we have yet to catch her without a smile on her face and a kind thing to say. To say Alison is "nice" is like saying the ocean is fairly deep. Beyond doing a great job serving camps, "Schmidty"(see below) uses her spirit and passion to keep us 100% festive for all holidays (imagine lots of decorations and festive spirit) and she leads our social committee (i.e. organizing all things fun!). Put simply, Alison makes CampBrain and all us who work here better.

New Camper Medical

We released our new camper medical module recently in the Web version. It was a lot of work but it is a beautiful piece. With any feature or module, there is an incredible amount of research, analysis and discussion with camps….but the medical module received more than its fair share! I feel like the team analysed hundreds of health forms, categorizing all types of medical data and analysing the various styles across our diverse base of camps. Read more...

The “Small” Features

Building software that people love to use is often more about the attention to detail on the small features than the “flashy” big features. I am the first to admit that the “flashy” features can have a lot of sway in a prospective demo…but they are not the key to the long term happiness of the camp administrator and parent. Rather, long term happiness is won in the trenches of the small features – the small ways in which those bigger features work and the thoughtful, less obvious features that make a difference in someone’s day.