A Focus on Independent Schools

I recently chatted with folks from three of our schools, Jennifer Uribe from Marlborough School (Los Angeles CA), Carol Huckaby from Baylor School (Chattanooga TN) and Tonia Webb from Woodward Academy (College Park GA). The purpose of our discussion was to highlight the main benefits of using a camp-specific registration system for their summer programs (as opposed to something else like a student information system, for example).

The New Staff Module

We released the new Staff module in our Web version yesterday. Our Development Team did not just want to re-create the same experience from the Desktop version – we knew we could improve upon it and it would mean more time and energy to analyse and consider various options. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say they reviewed hundreds of staff applications. This part was key to getting the online application structure and experience top-notch. That hard work meant they were able to identify the commonalities and structure appropriate sections, ultimately making the applicant's job a pleasure.

2010 was a Fine Year

We celebrated the addition of 5 people to our "5 Year" paddle in 2015. Sixteen people have hit their 5 year mark with the team over time (not all are still with us). I am really proud of this particular accomplishment. Working at CampBrain is not a slow-paced job! Whether in support, development, sales, etc....the pace and expectations are very high. Having so many Brainers reach this significant milestone speaks to their dedication, commitment and passion to be part of something unique.

Why I Work for Summer Camps

A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary privilege of going on a canoe trip as a tripper with the Camp New Moon CITs. The "CIT Trip" is a New Moon rite of passage. It's the CITs' last trip as campers and it's a good one. In 6 days we paddled and portaged 87 km through the interior of Algonquin Park in Ontario. 


We first encountered Bobby in Sept 2013. She was still in school (Michigan State University) and working at a long-time client, Canadian Adventure Camp, during the summers. She had seen our job posting at camp and wrote this great email to us - it basically said "I am still at school but I love the idea of working at CampBrain when I am done - how can I prepare myself?" Bobby continued to stay in touch over the next year, true to her word....and we hired her when she completed Summer 2014 at CAC. We figured if someone was this motivated to remain in the camp community, it had to be a good thing for our camps! We were right. Bobby is warm, friendly, calm (see influence of Yoga), smart and has a huge love of camp. Read more...


We love our support team here and it is because of the amazing quality of the people within...Charlotte being no exception. After 7 years at Camp Wenonah, a long-time client, Charlotte joined us in Sept 2014. Smart, sincere, friendly, funny and a quick study, Charlotte has been an awesome addition to our support crew. Charlotte appears to remain calm and collected in all situations (!?) which is quite handy when you have to juggle a million items at once.

Camp Admins Unite

We attend about 25 camp conferences each season. With the end of ACA Mid States, that concluded another season. We will be back on the road again in September! For the past conference season, we facilitated panel sessions at many conferences, called “Camp Admins Unite: We’re All in This Together”. 

The New Phone System

As most of you know, we have a new phone system here. You know because there is new, fancy hold music...and because we are stumbling to figure out how to transfer calls the new way. The transition has been remarkably smooth - turn the old one off one minute and turn the new one on the next minute. Ok, there may have been a few bumps but, all in all, pretty solid.

Next Week: Web Version 2015.4 and Webinar

We have a couple product-related items next week: Version 2015.4 of CampBrain Web comes out on Monday and we have our Ad Hoc Reporting webinar on Wednesday.

The First Inductee: John Bouwmeester

May we get a drum roll please? It is with great pleasure that we announce the first inductee into the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame....John Bouwmeester from YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps!