Online Photo Galleries

Online photo galleries have become a mainstay for many camps and there are several options to consider. Read about some of the options and, more importantly, let's discuss the factors you should consider in choosing one.

“Heartbleed” Security Vulnerability

You have likely heard about the “heartbleed” security vulnerability with OpenSSL. There is a good summary here. For our web servers, we use Microsoft IIS which is not impacted by this bug.

The Cabinizer

The Cabinizer. I have always loved it. The simplicity, the usefulness, the efficiency. Most camps, overnight and day, have some form of grouping to do, either putting the campers into their cabins or their weekly groups. And, for most camps, it is an extremely important task, wanting to get just the right mix in each cabin or group. 


There is a lot that we can standardize in the world of camp software. There are best practices that we can implement. And then there is the need for customization - the acknowledgement that camps are different, want to collect different information and do not always agree on what pieces of information are critical.

Ad Hoc Reporting

We introduce the next phase in easy-to-use, quick and powerful report creation - Ad Hoc Reporting!


Alice is a "lifer" in camp terms. She joined the CB crew this past September, straight from her position at Camp Oconto where she spent many fabulous years. She is someone who brings a great spirit and fun approach to the team, every day.

Grouping your Sessions’ Options

A camp registration engine needs camps and sessions. Options (within sessions) are a great addition. But, being able to group those options in a logical and friendly manner takes your registration to the next level. And that is what is needed in today's camp world. Take a moment to see real life examples.

Family Camps and Adult Campers

Camps have adjusted significantly over time to offer a much larger variety of programs to different groups of people and that has registration implications, something near and dear to our heart!

How Well Do You Know Steve?

Steve is the kind of person that brings in a big Santa suit for our holiday party (which Zee ultimately wore!), that creates a positive, fun environment for everyone around him, that is very sincere about wanting to ensure all our camps' needs are well covered. He is a camp guy.

The Art of Registering Multiple Campers

There is an art to registering multiple campers at one time. We have gone down various paths in the past on this one - check out our most recent iteration of the "right path".