Adult and Family Camp Registration

Over the past 4 months, the hard work of our development team has really come to fruition with 3 feature-packed releases. The largest and most significant piece was our new Staff/Volunteer hiring and management system. Perhaps not as large but packing a significant impact were changes we made to the online registration experience. We continued our work to make CampBrain a more complete registration engine for ALL of the events offered by our camps. Specifically, we enhanced the experience for adult-oriented events and family camp.

When establishing "seasons" in CampBrain, you may now select the "applicant type" from a drop-down (children only, families, adult only). By making this simple selection, you are triggering a unique online experience for your registrants, tailored to the type of events offered. You might have a season for your summer camp sessions (children only), a season for your family camp weekends (families) and a season just for your women's and men's fall retreats (adults only). You may choose to offer these seasons under one URL (so that your customers see everything you offer) or you might choose to brand things differently and have the different seasons listed under different URLs (providing an opportunity to brand differently). Not only do we want the registration experience itself to be perfectly tailored for the specific registrant, but we also want to provide options for you in terms of how you list and brand the online experience.

Here are 3 screen captures of the same step in the online registration process (selecting the people to register) but notice their differences, depending on the type of event:

A few things to note:

  • For adult-only events, there is no note of "children", you control what info you collect on the person and you choose whether to enable the ability to add a spouse
  • For family camps, you have the same ability to tailor what info you collect for each person, we make a distinction between parents and children and you can select everyone in one step upfront
  • For children-only events (typical summer camp), you can only register children for the sessions and we collect a little more info upfront in order to tailor the list of camps and sessions each child sees (so they only see what is relevant for them)

I will save you from going through a screen-by-screen comparison for each step! Suffice to say, we have been very detailed to ensure the online experience is very tailored to the registrant and the type of event they have chosen. There really is nothing more important than providing the registrant with a simple, intuitive and beautiful registration experience. That is why we have made these adjustments.

The variety of programming continues to expand at our camps, signs of a changing and expanding camp industry! It is fantastic to be part of it.

Please let me know if you would like to see any other adjustments or if this hits the mark nicely.

Love your Software,