Camp Management Software

Camp Management Software

Software for camps and conference centers

We create camp management software for camp administrators that's intuitive, smart, elegant, useful and a total pleasure to use.

We support the people that use our camp registration software with passion, friendliness, conviction and an unwavering desire to delight.

Caring Support for You

This is NOT your phone company’s call center

Our camp management software team is a group of smart, funny, passionate camp people who care. We won’t always have the perfect solution, but we will try hard, very hard. We care that we find the best possible path for you and that you get the most from your CampBrain camp software. You will hear it in our voices and see it in our actions. You will know the difference… and we think you will love it.

The CampBrain Team

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About CampBrain

Founded in 1994 by Shane Miskin, CampBrain was inspired to create camp software that is intuitive and user-friendly and that meets the administrative needs of different types of camps. In 1999, Rob Carmichael joined CampBrain to lead the company’s growth and build a passionate team that creates beautiful software and works to WOW the customer. In the past decade, CampBrain’s camp registration software has added multiple features, including social media integration, media galleries, and healthcare modules to strengthen our users’ experience.

CampBrain has established itself as an industry leader in the creation of camp software . From 2014 to 2015, CampBrain rolled out several initiatives, including the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame, which acknowledges the hard work of camp administrators. In 2015, CampBrain created an innovative new way to interact with our user base: Brainstorm. Brainstorm is an annual conference that focuses on CampBrain users and their experiences, allowing us to spend time with our valued customers and, using the camp registration software, integrate their feedback into software development.

Currently, CampBrain is celebrating sustainable growth, with a strong, passionate team of more than 40 members and more than 1,200 clients served.