The CampBrain Team


Our journey (so far)

2001 2003 2005 2007 1999 1994 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Shane Miskin A lifelong camp guy, works with the registrars and directors of seven camps over many months to create V1.0 of CampBrain. There is a vision and passion to build elegant, useful and intuitive software that camps love to use. Rob Carmichael joins the company to lead its growth. The primary focus is to build a team with an intense desire to truly WOW customers. The Outdoor and Conference Center is released, enabling camps to manage their group registrations. Online Registration is open for business–camp registration is never quite the same. Activity Scheduling, the solution to spending hours manually creating camper, bunk and staff schedules, is released. The Donor module is added, allowing non-profit camps to have one database for everything. A new Online Registration System is built from scratch to provide the most flexible, beautiful and intuitive solution for camps and their parents. Social network integration is added to allow camps to expand "word of mouth" promotion by parents. Camper Email and Photo Gallery, an integrated, campbranded solution, is added, removing the need to hand over the parent relationship to a third party. Web-based version of CampBrain released. The Camp Administrator Hall of Fame is created to honour the fantastic contributions made by camp admins everywhere.A new medical info management system is released, dramatically improving collection and management of camper medical details. BRAINSTORM, our user conference, sells out and receives great reviews. A new Staff hiring and management system is released, greatly enhancing this critical process for camps. The Conference Center (group bookings) is rewritten from scratch in our Web version. The health center module is built, a one stop shop for all your medical needs. The Attendance module is released, enabling day camps and schools to efficiently track camper/student movement on tablets and phones.Sustained, manageable growth continues with a few milestones reached: 40+ team members, 1200+ clients, 8500+ sq ft of attractive office space in Toronto.

Our beliefs

Our goal is to have a company that we're proud of, that people want to work at and that customers want to do business with. Here's how we believe we reach that goal:

Build beautiful software
We love using software that is elegant, simple and intuitive, that inspires pure pleasure. We care very deeply that our software meets these goals so we sweat every detail.

Embrace the industry
We love the camp industry, a collection of good people doing good work. We work hard to constantly understand the specific needs of camps and we immerse ourselves to gain that understanding.

Be straightforward and honest
We treat everyone in a direct and open manner. We are proud of our approach with people.

Wow the customers
We take the time to hear the real issue and then we sincerely work like crazy to solve it. We embrace personal interaction and welcome the opportunity to build a relationship.

Wear their shoes
We strive to truly understand all perspectives. Whether designing software features, solving technical issues or negotiating business matters, we respect the importance of “walking a mile…”

Our people


Shane | Founder & Head of Product

CampBrain started because I like making tools, especially for other people to use. It's important to me that the tools I make for other people are incredibly useful, intelligently designed and delightful to use. I love that we work for camp. It makes me happy to direct my life's effort towards an industry that makes the world better one cabin at a time.


Rob | CEO

Many years ago, I left a very large corporation to join CampBrain and have loved every minute! Here I focus on building a company with strong core values, such as integrity and trust. Every day I work with motivated, passionate people striving to do amazing things, not only at CampBrain but also at each of our camps.


Ali | Product Owner

I love getting in at the ground level of a camp's relationship with CampBrain. From our first conversation, I truly listen and probe to determine if we can answer their needs. It is important to me that the relationship is built on trust and honesty because I want it to be a long one.


Tiho | User Experience Designer

The collaborative, intelligent, open and close-knit environment at CampBrain is none like I have worked in before and I am thriving. I have found the place where my passion of designing elegant and simple interfaces and processes comes to life. And in working here, I have developed a new passion - camps.


Josh | Business Development

After working at summer camp for 7 years, I wanted a way to stay involved in camping. I was fortunate enough to begin working at CampBrain, where I get to experience camp everyday talking with camps all across North America and attending conferences throughout the year. Not only do I get to speak with great people, I get to work with great people that are passionate about what they do and how they do it.


Jeff | Business Development

Camp has had a huge impact on my life. The lifelong lessons you learn as both a camper and staff member have molded me into a dedicated, hardworking teammate which I bring to work with my colleagues and clients every day. I love to talk to clients about camp and help them solve their problems and make their camp lives that much easier. Working with CampBrain has afforded me the opportunity to continue working with camps and building these strong connections.


Mayuran | Scrum Master

Having little exposure to the camp industry prior to joining CampBrain, I was uniquely inspired by the incredible daily effort put forth by our camps to provide the best possible experience for every single camper. Identifying and solving tough problems is what drives me. Let me handle the tough issues so that our camps can focus on delivering the best service to their parents and experiences for their campers.


Scott | Software Developer

Having been a camper for many years, I really “get” the benefits of camp. I combine that knowledge with my analytical skills to identify and resolve tough technical issues for camps (and their campers). While I enjoy the nitty gritty of the technology, playing both trumpet and guitar in a number of bands keeps me well-rounded, focused and sane!


Brad | Software Developer

Working as part of a dynamic team that is composed of highly skilled, creative, and motivated people inspires me daily. Exploring the latest technologies with the goal of providing the best experience for our clients creates a uniquely rewarding environment.


Rich | Manager - Technical Support

I am forever grateful to camp. While attending and working at camp for 14 years, I met some of my best friends. I also came to understand what it means to be a part of a passionate and dedicated team. It is my experience that “camp people” are unique individuals – selfless, and motivated by the desire to help others learn and grow. In this regard, CampBrain is full of camp people. I take pride and satisfaction in being able to help camp people solve technical and logistical problems in order to achieve their own goals.


Michael | CTO

Nothing makes me happier and keeps me coming to work with a smile like solving new challenges. Whether it's unravelling a gnarly bug, finding a new tool to make development easier or coming up with an elegant bit of code to solve a business problem. That and whiteboards. Definitely whiteboards…


Tyler | Test Automation Developer

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I started working here. I certainly did not expect to become good friends with a large number of co-workers. CampBrain has introduced me to a ton of new skills and experiences I was not previously familiar with, and I take pride in working here, because I know what we do genuinely helps.


Mohit | Technical Support - Report Writing

I have worked as a Data/Business Analyst in the past and enjoy the process of solving a problem. That is what drives me. Being at CampBrain, I have also realized that the process does not end at finding a solution. To be great at what I do, effective communication and involving the camps in the problem-solving process is extremely important.


Alex | Manager - Client Success

I find that my personal values and ideas match well with CampBrain’s core values. I truly believe that our team provides excellent, consistent service and I am proud to be part of this great team. I am committed to hard-work, creative problem solving, and thrive on overcoming difficult challenges while providing genuine, courteous, and informative customer service.


Tom | Software Developer

Coming into the office every day and churning out features that seem to "scratch an itch" for people is what really drives me. I've always believed that software should work with you, not against you. Knowing that I'm building software that matters to people makes working here worthwhile. That and the baked goods…


Goran | Manager - Reporting

I admire people who are witty and funny. Having worked at summer camps in Europe for 5 years, I understand the impact that laughter can bring to kids. But, I also understand the impact lightness and laughter can bring to a work environment. Humor, solving challenges, being around great people, enjoying the outdoors…these are the things that matter to me…oh, and my dog, Luna!


Alison | Manager - Implementations

Working with CampBrain means that my job makes a difference; making sure every person's experience with camp is a smooth one! I believe that our company is unique because it takes driven, passionate people and gives them the opportunity to connect personally with each client, building strong relationships and creating a strong team dynamic you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Ryan | Online Registration Specialist

I am a huge nerd that loves being able to work with technology. The extremely positive environment of the people here and the clients we service has had a dramatic effect on my approach and non-technical skills… and I am glad to push that energy back into my work. I love being in a position where putting extra effort into client satisfaction is immediately noticed and appreciated.


Charlotte | Training and Communications Coordinator

For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around camp. After my last summer as a fulltime camp staff member, I was doubtful I’d ever find another work environment with such funny, passionate, and selfless people. I’m so grateful to have found CampBrain where I spend every day working with like-minded “camp people” to contribute to the camps that create amazing experiences like the one that my camp provided me. That and our office’s proximity to good coffee!


Arvind | Technical Support - Report Writing

My big goal in life is to fulfill goals! I enjoy working and directing my energies toward actionable excellence in all my solutions. At CampBrain, there are constantly challenges coming from everywhere and there is never a slow day at the office. I am a total addict to helping folks out and our customers make solving problems fun! Keep those report requests coming, everyone.

Rob M

Rob M | Technical Support

I fell in love with camp over four summers as a staff member at Camp Robin Hood. Having never attended camp as a kid, I was amazed at the impact the camp experience has on everyone involved. The opportunity to connect with like-minded clients and co-workers makes it easy to come to work every day. It is inspiring to learn more about all that camps have to offer and fulfilling to know that I am helping them make a difference!


Emily | Client Success

I spent twelve years at camp, learning skills that I carry with me every day. Camp is a very valuable experience, helping kids grow into confident, competent people. I feel lucky coming in to work, knowing that what I do matters. Working in a place with like-minded individuals that strive towards a common goal, makes for a very special work place. I’m proud to be a part of the CampBrain team.


Alison | Product Owner

Having been in the camp community for over 14 years as a camper and staff member I have always strongly believed in its importance and benefit. Camp helped me to develop independence and a strong sense of self. It was also where I was introduced to rock climbing which is a huge part of my life. I now climb outdoors, indoors, and competitively which has helped me develop focus, strength, and the ability to form creative solutions to problems.


Dan | Software Developer

I am Dan. Some call me Daniels. I went to Camp as a child, worked at Camp (as a bigger child), and am still lucky enough to get up there a couple of times per season (as a full grown child) - they'll never get rid of this guy!! Camp taught me to be a team player, to help others, to love the outdoors, and most importantly, to laugh. All the time. I love problem solving and computers, and take pride in helping Camps solve technical problems. I also love sports, music, and math. I'm absolutely honoured to contribute to an industry I care deeply about.

Luke W

Luke W | Marketing Coordinator

Some of my best days have been spent sailing off the shores of Lake Couchiching, or running around covered in paint with a group of one hundred other rowdy campers, though I didn’t realize then what it was teaching me. Camp can have a real impact on kids, it helps them to mature, come out of their shells, make life-long friends, and it did all those things for me. Camp is why I can speak in front of a crowd, work in groups, and sing the entire Moose song - all valuable life skills. Camp has done so much for me and motivates me to help your campers to have the same experiences I had!


Wakako | Administration

CampBrain is a great place to be. To work with innovative, like-minded people in a fun environment makes it a joy to walk into work every day. It makes me happy to learn about and work with all the amazing camps out there. When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me exploring our big city with my two future budding campers!


Amanda-Sue | Accounting & Administration

Stumbling upon a children’s camp many summers ago whilst visiting Canada is actually what propelled me to pack up my whole family and worldly belongings, and cross the ocean to live in a country where enjoying the great outdoors is simply a fact of life year round! Little did I know I’d end up working in the camp industry here too, but having always been a computer nerd type, it’s hard to imagine a better combination! #OneHappyCamper


Sham | Software Developer

We thrive when our community thrives. On a regular basis, my community is defined as CampBrain, but occasionally I get a chance to call summer camps or other active vacations with my family, community. At all those places, I learn, grow and laugh. I embrace those experiences so that I may thrive with and within my community.


David | Implementations

When you work with people who are passionate about what they do, who like to think creatively, who seek ways to offer an outside-the-box experience, and who love to laugh – it’s very easy to come in to work each day excited. One week working at camp taught me that…and then I stayed for 7 more years. Leaving camp in search of a new adventure I knew I had some non-negotiables: core values that resonated with my own, a hard-working team atmosphere, opportunities for problem-solving and creativity, and lots of laughs. Mission accomplished.


Julia | Technical Support

Spending fourteen years on the shores of Eagles Lake let me be a kid well into my twenties, and I am incredibly lucky that my grown-up life has let me keep a foot in the camp community! Camp taught me so much and I can’t express how lucky I am to be able to bring the values that were taught to me there, to CampBrain. Working with people who believe in hard work, creativity and fun make coming to work truly a pleasure. Camp has given me so much, that I am excited that I get to help out the individuals that make it happen for so many kids year round!


Jared | Implementations

I firmly believe in the power of Camp. My 15 summers spent at camp taught me a lot. That teamwork and collaboration are vital to our success. That laughter is a necessary ingredient in a healthy work environment. Most importantly, I learned that channeling your passion into your work makes the end product that much better. Every day at CampBrain, I am reminded of these tenets. I love coming to work knowing that what we do matters.


Vivian | Interaction/User Experience Designer

Design provides me the opportunity to feed my curiosity, problem-solve, and create positive experiences for users. Being a part of CampBrain additionally allows me to tie empathy, compassion, and client-led values with technology. Ultimately, it’s been fulfilling to be part of a product and team that supports camps, allowing them to focus more on providing more awesome experiences and thriving communities.


Vicky | Implementations

I could imagine no better way to spend the summer than at camp. The support that the camping community has provided me is unparalleled and I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for my 13 years at Camp Wenonah. I love that I get to work every day with people who are positive, hardworking, and care so much about what they do. Plus I get to give back to the community that has given me so much!


Adam | Technical Support

Camp has easily been the most important and significant thing that I have been introduced to in my life. It has really molded me into the individual I am today, making me appreciate the little things in life that much more. Camp is where I truly learned the importance of getting out of my shell and feeling comfortable with who I am – no matter who is watching (or judging). Now, in my late twenties, it is amazing to have the opportunity to give back to the community that taught and provided me with so much over the years. I love what I do here at CampBrain, and I love working with the other like-minded camp people in such a fun and creative space!


Reece | Technical Support - Report Writing

Having worked many summers at an overnight camp and studying Computer Science I feel pretty lucky to combine interests and call CampBrain home. Being able to work on a project that I feel connected to is a huge motivator. Camp was always a huge part of my life and now I feel great giving back in a new and interesting way! Outside working I might be found pursuing my interests in the outdoors, languages, sport or music.


Steph | Implementations

I was extremely lucky to spend 17 years at Camp Wenonah, a camper for 10 and a staff member for 7. To say Camp has helped shape me into who I am now is an understatement. It has led me down paths I never knew I would go and opened me up to opportunities I never knew I would have. One of those was the chance to be a part of the Tech support team at CampBrain. I’ve always been looking for ways to give back to the camp industry, and CampBrain gives me that liberty.


Mason | Technical Support

Nothing is better than doing what you love and camp is definitely what I love most. After spending summer after summer witnessing how camp has changed people’s lives I’m convinced that there is no better place to be. Being in an environment that is incredibly fun and supportive that allows you to be yourself is a great way to grow up. I am forever grateful for what Camp Couchiching has done for me and am so happy to be able to continue working in an industry which is filled with an incredible and passionate group of "camp people".

Our Community

Our Community

We Associate

We are members of these great camp associations:

American Camp Association
Ontario Camp Association
Christian Camp and Conference Association
International Association of Conference Center Administrators
Western Association of Independent Camps
Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association
Christian Camp and Conference Association
Diabetes Education & Camping Association (DECA)
We Volunteer

We try to lend our time and expertise when possible to the camp community. The reality is that volunteers learn and benefit as much as the impacted organizations and people. It would be hard to think of a community that volunteers more than the camp one and it is fun to be part of that. Here’s some of our experience:

Rob is a current OCA Board member and served as Treasurer of the OCA for five years. He was also Treasurer for the OCA Director’s Conference for four years and has assisted on several OCA committees over the years (currently on the Finance Committee).

Shane was a volunteer camp counselor at Camp Oochigeas, a summer camp for children living with cancer.

We have really enjoyed presenting sessions at just about every camp conference in North America on topics near and dear to our hearts: building databases from scratch, credit card processing, online registration and online tools.

The sessions we are most proud of though come from our “Camp Admins Unite” series. Each season, we pick a topic specific to camp administration, assemble panels of seasoned administrators at the various conferences and dive deeply into the topic. These sessions stand out for administrators and directors because the topics are rarely covered at regional and national conferences. Love your administration!

We have assisted in the organizing and administering of many OCA and CCA conferences.

Some of our folks have contributed articles to Camping Magazine, Canada Camps Magazine and the OCA newsletter.

We Contribute

We see our camps doing so many amazing things for their campers and their wider communities. It is hard to provide support to individual initiatives due to the size of our customer base and the inability to choose amongst the great causes! Instead, we try to support all camps through donations to camp associations and organizations whose goal is to assist and promote all camps and getting as many campers to camp as possible. Some of our current and past support:

  • Kids in Camp Charity
  • American Camp Association, various funds such as Annual Giving Fund and Send a Child to Camp Fund
  • American Camp Association, New England Section, Building Fund
  • CCCA, Send a Kid to Camp Fund
  • American Diabetes Association Camps
  • Amici's Canoe Heads for Kids
We Acknowledge

In 2014, sitting around having lunch, we discussed the role of the camp administrator – the volume of work, the breadth of it, the dedication required, the importance of it…and noted that, as a community, we needed to do more to acknowledge it. That was the seed for the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame. The Hall provides an opportunity for camps to acknowledge their administrators and have a lot of fun along the way. There is a nomination and voting process, culminating each year with one induction into the Hall. We are very proud to sponsor this initiative, honouring those we work with every day. Please take a moment to learn more and perhaps nominate your camp administrator at