Holiday Hours

Working through the Holidays? Here's the scoop on our availability...


Alison is the type of person where everyone around her just feels good, simply because she is there. We have tried very hard but we have yet to catch her without a smile on her face and a kind thing to say. To say Alison is "nice" is like saying the ocean is fairly deep. Beyond doing a great job serving camps, "Schmidty"(see below) uses her spirit and passion to keep us 100% festive for all holidays (imagine lots of decorations and festive spirit) and she leads our social committee (i.e. organizing all things fun!). Put simply, Alison makes CampBrain and all us who work here better.

New Camper Medical

We released our new camper medical module recently in the Web version. It was a lot of work but it is a beautiful piece. With any feature or module, there is an incredible amount of research, analysis and discussion with camps….but the medical module received more than its fair share! I feel like the team analysed hundreds of health forms, categorizing all types of medical data and analysing the various styles across our diverse base of camps. Read more...

The “Small” Features

Building software that people love to use is often more about the attention to detail on the small features than the “flashy” big features. I am the first to admit that the “flashy” features can have a lot of sway in a prospective demo…but they are not the key to the long term happiness of the camp administrator and parent. Rather, long term happiness is won in the trenches of the small features – the small ways in which those bigger features work and the thoughtful, less obvious features that make a difference in someone’s day.


Software development and use is a collection of small nuances that can make one's life much more pleasant ...and our Dev crew works hard to hit those nuances, reduce those clicks and make the experience a more pleasurable one for parents and camp staff. I am confident there is much enjoyment to be had from this new Discount feature.

The Camp Administrator Hall of Fame

Let's recognize the fabulous contribution of our camp administrators who keep thousands of camps rolling along, year after year. What better way than to nominate yours for induction into the hall of fame...and perhaps win some prizes along the way.

20 Questions with Jason

Jason has been with the CB crew for a year now. He focused on online registration setups initially and then more generally in our support team. When we asked Jason where he would be if not here, he said teaching English somewhere. That is definitely true - Jason spent 9 years teaching English, mostly in South Korea. Working with Jason, you realize that he likes to be busy - "no downtime, let's just keep on rolling" appears to be his mantra! Not a bad person to work along side.

Brad hits 10

Brad hit his 10-yr milestone with CampBrain! While you may not have spoken to Brad in the past, you have most certainly been impacted by his work as a developer here.


I am saddened to announce that Zee is leaving CampBrain! After 10+ years with the team, I cannot even begin to explain the incredible contribution he made…to the software, to our camps, to our team and to our overall mission.