The Conference Center…in Web

In 2001, we recognized the need for a strong module to track conference and retreat center bookings (i.e. group bookings) and we released our first version that year. Over the years, we honed our knowledge, added features and continued to build our strength in this area. If you are a long-time client, do you remember what our first calendar looked like in 2001? Not pretty! On September 14th, 2016, we will release our latest iteration of that module in our Web version.

Independent School Payments Survey

As we have all seen over the past few years, online or digital payments have grown significantly in the school and camp industries. Providing an online payment option creates a great registration and payment experience for parents.  Beyond the convenience to parents, it enables better tracking of payments across multiple programs.

Camp Admins Unite - Round 2

Another conference season has come to a close! This was our second season organizing and facilitating "Camp Admins Unite" sessions.

Adult and Family Camp Registration

Over the past 4 months, the hard work of our development team has really come to fruition with 3 feature-packed releases. The largest and most significant piece was our new Staff/Volunteer hiring and management system. Perhaps not as large but packing a significant impact were changes we made to the online registration experience. We continued our work to make CampBrain a more complete registration engine for ALL of the events offered by our camps. Specifically, we enhanced the experience for adult-oriented events and family camp.

Support Call %‘s and Other Tidbits

Providing fabulous support is very important to us! We believe it is critical to be personally available to do that....and it means answering the phone when customers call! In this post, we share some of our internal percentages and a few thoughts on support.


Thanks to everyone who attended the first BRAINSTORM! What can I say? We were humbled by the numbers, the engagement and the feedback. We have not stopped talking about it in the office, with most of the discussion centering around what we need to do for the NEXT BRAINSTORM! I am barely getting caught up on sleep and we're chatting about round 2.

I spoke to FOUNDATION in my opening address, the foundations of our company, our service commitment, our product development and our overall philosophy. I think that our first full-blown user conference now has a solid foundation with BRAINSTORM 2015.

A Focus on Independent Schools

I recently chatted with folks from three of our schools, Jennifer Uribe from Marlborough School (Los Angeles CA), Carol Huckaby from Baylor School (Chattanooga TN) and Tonia Webb from Woodward Academy (College Park GA). The purpose of our discussion was to highlight the main benefits of using a camp-specific registration system for their summer programs (as opposed to something else like a student information system, for example).

The New Staff Module

We released the new Staff module in our Web version yesterday. Our Development Team did not just want to re-create the same experience from the Desktop version – we knew we could improve upon it and it would mean more time and energy to analyse and consider various options. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say they reviewed hundreds of staff applications. This part was key to getting the online application structure and experience top-notch. That hard work meant they were able to identify the commonalities and structure appropriate sections, ultimately making the applicant's job a pleasure.